In March, 2015, I was asked to design three logo concepts. It was important to the client that the design be minimalist and clean, but the rest was left up to me. After ferociously sketching out concepts over dinner  my friend Ally rolling her eyes at me whenever I asked her, “What about this?” I started bringing them into Illustrator.

In each of these concepts, I tried to evoke the feeling of “Mist.” The first two are more experiential and the third is more literal, very web 2.0, with a standalone icon being prominently featured. The client liked the third best. My favorite? It’s a tie between two and three.

It’s just as important for a logo to work in black-and-white as it is in color, so those are mocked up as well.

Mist Logo 1

Mist Logo 2  Mist Logo 3